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About DF Communications


Site Analysis & Evaluation

  • User flow analysis, content evaluation and assessment for new or legacy sites

Is your site organized in an effective way that is easy to understand and navigate while maximizing your ability to communicate in a targeted way with each of your audiences? Let us evaluate what you've already got or plan to use to ensure that your Web presence achieves your business and communication objectives and provides true ROI.


Information Architecture & User Interface Design

  • Site architecture & navigation
  • Directory structuring or restructuring, and filenaming systems
  • User-friendly interfaces

Let us help you categorize your content and get your key marketing messages across in a way that makes sense to your site's visitors as well as to the folks who build and maintain your site!


Editorial Content Creation, Development & Management

  • Copy Writing
  • Copy Editing
  • Content Production & Management
  • Search Engine Optimization

We'll take your copy, polish it up and optimize it to ensure proper keyword density and usage, or create fresh copy designed to do the same.


Multimedia Content Development

  • Quicktime movies
  • GIF animation
  • Web banner ads

Add simple yet powerful and effective moving visuals to your site that don't tax your users' brains, interfering with their ability to clearly hear and understand your messages.

Have you ever met a Flash site that was easy to navigate and readily provided you with the information you were looking for? One that you really liked, would return to or buy a product from? If so please let us know because we're still searching for one ...


Original Site Design, Site Production & Implementation

  • Web Graphics Creation, Conversion & Optimization
  • Hand-coded HTML or Dreamweaver Templates

Let us create an original look and feel for your Web presence and build your site, or bring us your designs and/or ideas and we'll convert them into a finished web site!


Content/Document Conversion & Re-purposing

  • Print or other formats to HTML

Site Maintenance

Whether you've got a small site requiring the occasional update or a larger site requiring frequent updates or additions, we can help you come up with a maintenance plan and agreement that works for you. Or we can train your staff on how to do it themselves.


To find out more about how we can help you with your Web design or development needs, contact to arrange a free half hour phone or in-person consultation.