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Client:   Paradesa
Project: Content Development & Management for Two Quarterdeck Hybrid CD-ROM Titles

Donya was the editorial manager, contributing writer, and resident content expert (as well as contributing HTML coder) for two CD-ROM titles developed by Paradesa Media, a San Francisco multimedia developer, for Quarterdeck in the fall of 1995.

Both titles, Larry Magid's Essential Internet and Larry Magid's Net Profits, were authored entirely in HTML and built to run in the Quarterdeck web browser, QMosaic.

The former, Larry Magid's Essential Internet, was one of the first commercial hybrid CD-ROM/Web products on the market. Narrated by the well-known L.A. Times columnist Larry Magid, it is a novice's multimedia guide to the Internet. The CD features 48 different animations (done in Macromedia Director) covering subjects ranging from e-mail and how it works to an overview of encryption, HTML, how to search the Web, and newsgroups. These animations are supplemented by hypertext articles offering more detail and links to actual web sites relating to the subject matter covered.

Net Profits profiles companies and organizations that are successfully using different features of the Internet to support their businesses, offering almost an hour's worth of video of interviews with the owners and key people involved in developing their sites. It also has animations and hypertext articles on related subjects like planning and designing a web site; where to go for help; identifying appropriate content; working with graphics; feedback and measurement systems; and web site maintenance.

Read a detailed description of both these interesting and ambitious multimedia projects.

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