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About DF Communications

Donya Fahmy, principal of DF Communications, is a writer, producer, and consultant who specializes in the design and development of Web sites and creating interactive content for the Web and other media. From concept to completion, Donya helps companies effectively use the Internet and related technologies to accomplish their business and communications objectives. Donya has over 16 years of combined experience in public relations, marketing and business communications, and Web development --managing the production of print, video, and interactive content for a variety of clients. She has worked extensively with creative teams --programmers, designers, writers, photographers and other producers-- to coordinate and deliver complex projects on tight deadlines.

Donya's interactive credits include writing and managing editorial content for two hybrid Web/CD-ROM titles about the Internet: Larry Magid's Essential Internet (Quarterdeck 1995) and Larry Magid's Net Profits; and directing the design and development of Ford Motor Company's first Web site (July 1995). Donya has also developed and produced Web-based content for Netscape Communications Corporation, 3Com, Bank of America, Cellular One, E.piphany, inquiry.com, Internet Literacy Consultants, Learn the Net, and US Web (formerly Cybernautics).

Donya likes to share her expertise and wealth of knowledge about the Internet and multimedia by teaching a variety of classes on HTML, Web site design & development, electronic commerce, online marketing, and digital video editing with Premiere. Her teaching clients include Adobe Systems Inc., San Jose State University Professional Development Center, Center for Electronic Art, Webster Institute of Technical Skills, and CompassPoint (formerly the Support Center for Nonprofit Management).

A native of New York City, Donya relocated to San Francisco in 1988 after working in the municipal bond business for several years as an underwriting analyst with AMBAC Inc. --a municipal bond insurance company. Combining Wall Street savvy with a lifelong penchant for the written word, she made a career change into communications --starting on the agency side of the PR business-- and has since been involved in different facets of marketing, communications, entertainment journalism, video production, and multimedia.

Donya has a B.A. in English from Barnard College and an M.P.A. with a concentration in Finance and Law, from the Columbia University School of International & Public Affairs.

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